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Rest of USA

There’s more to the USA than Florida. If you’ve already enjoyed the excitement that the Sunshine State has to offer, why not take a look at what other places in America could offer for your next holiday?

For example, there are our Hawaii holidays to consider or why not take a gamble on Las Vegas? There’s also the unceasing hub-bub of the Big Apple with a break in New York. The steepness of San Francisco never ceases to amaze and there’s so much to do here too from visiting the Golden Gate Bridge to taking a stroll around Chinatown. Or make a visit to Alcatraz, the island prison that has many stories to tell.

And then there is Los Angeles, the city of angels. There’s Rodeo Drive as well as the Pacific Coast Highway just waiting for you to explore.

Just like when you book a Florida holiday with us, we go the extra mile to make sure that you get the holiday to America with a deal that suits your budget and your requirements too. With our experience in the holiday and travel industry, you have peace of mind you’ve come to the right people.

Hawaii Hotels

The natural breathtaking beauty of Hawaii never disappoints. The warm waters relax and soothe away the stresses of everyday life, with the heady scent on the breeze also making a holiday in Hawaii one of the best you’ll ever experience.

Whether you are returning to the islands for another get away from it all break or are new to exploring Hawaii, each time you visit it will be a different and distinct experience. Fill your days enjoying sandy beaches during the day and by night, enjoy the pulsing nightlife.

When it comes to a holiday in Hawaii, our team are on hand to create the holiday of your dreams.

Las Vegas Hotels

The complete opposite of tranquil Hawaii is the bustling desert city of Las Vegas. The bright lights of the city are attractive and enthralling and a great place to bring out your fun side.

You’ll find the bright lights of Vegas in the Nevada desert, not the best spot you would have thought for a city that prides itself on being the entertainment capital of the world – but it works!

Fine dining, great shops and, of course, casinos, there is plenty to keep you entertained here. With top names serving residencies in Las Vegas, there are also concerts galore too. True to say, that on a Las Vegas holiday you’ll have the most amazing times and experiences.

It really is a city that blows away the cobwebs, perfect for when you want a holiday that takes you right out of the norms of everyday life. Daily concerts, huge casinos and unusual attractions – check out the Neon Museum – there is never a dull moment. There is something for everyone including championship golf courses as well as thrilling driving experiences at the Las Vegas raceways.
Take a trip to the jaw-dropping Grand Canyon, the vastness of which has to be seen to be believed. Enjoy the sights by helicopter or step out over the cliff edge on the Skywalk glass bridge.

If you want excitement and ‘something different’, a holiday in Las Vegas is the destination of choice.

Los Angeles Hotels

Los Angeles is a huge city in Southern California and the centre of the film and TV industry. It’s the place where you will see the towering Hollywood sigh and is home to Paramount Pictures, Universal and Warner Brothers, just three of big moviemakers in the city.

A holiday in Los Angeles will mean you need a car because how else will you see everything this city has to offer? From window shopping on Rodeo Drive to cruising the Pacific Coast Highway to exploring downtown LA, it is a marvellous city to explore and enjoy.

Los Angeles sucks you in with glitz and glamour. Warm and sunny on most days, you will be holidaying amongst movie stars and big name movie stars and actors, many of whom you could pass in the street.

Warm and sunny most of the time, if you are looking for a getaway that shakes up the sense, take a close look at a holiday in Los Angeles.

New York Hotels

Its skyline is dominated by skyscrapers and her streets are continually buzzing with the richness of life – New York is a city that stunningly beautiful with a history that is chequered and colourful.

Everyone who is anyone is in New York. You’ll enjoy some of the best cuisines here at some of the best restaurants in the world. There are museums that not only look back but look forward too with the latest collections and ideas.
And when you have taken in the sights and sounds of New York by day, there is New York at night, a different beast but no less entertaining. No visit to the Big Apple is complete without a night spent on Broadway.

If there is one thing about a holiday in New York you need to know, it is that you’ll spend more time on your feet than at any other time. New Yorkers walk and amble through some stunningly beautiful streets, enjoying treelined avenues of Greenwich Village or marvel at how the other half live in the well-heeled area of Upper East Side.

Window shopping is a must to admire the designer gear in high-end stores of Madison Avenue. Wander in Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdales when the fancy takes you.

And when you are hungry, there is a choice and range of foods and cuisine that you would expect in a diverse and multi-cultural city like New York. There are so many choices, mainly because New Yorkers eat out so much.
After a holiday in New York, you’ll feel vibrant and alive, confident you have visited one of the most amazing cities in the world.

San Francisco Hotels

San Francisco has a reputation for being a city of fun. This goes back to the heady days of the gold rush where it was boom or bust from one day to the next.

Again, there is so much to do here, just where do you start? The island of Alcatraz is a big draw. You’ll need to book your tickets in advance for the all-inclusive tour of this former prison but it is well worth it.

You can stroll across the world-famous Golden gate bridge too, a bridge so high and long it often sits above the mist that cradles the water beneath.

There are interesting parts to the city too but you’ll be well rewarded if you explore off the beaten track. There are secondhand shops along Haight Street, for example, and when you need to stop for a minute and catch your breath, why not do so in Chinatown?

If you’re feeling energetic, you could roller skate through Golden Gate Park or ride the cable cars at Fisherman’s Wharf… so much to do, such little time.
Safe to say, a holiday in San Francisco will not disappoint.

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